Yazid, The Artist


Born in Oran in 1970, whose real name Yazid Yazid Belabbas will, along with his studies, spending time with the music community. It began with a guitar and an accordion offered by his father at a young age. In 1990, he acquired his first synthesizer.

Following graduate studies successfully it will, from 1993 to devote himself to music easily and song. The dexterity of his hands and know how to manipulate the synthesizer will make him "the man orchestra."

It was not until the summer of 1994, the outdoor theater of Sidi Fredj, so that his talent is day. Since then, his public admirer keeps growing.
In 1996, he enrolled in post-upper to prepare a magister in sport psychology. Parallel to this, Yazid taught at the National Institute of Higher Education in Science and Technology Sport (INFS / STS), until 1997. From there, he devoted himself to a professional artistic career.

After giving a new impetus to the live recording. Yazid, the man nicknamed orchestra, as inseparable from his synthesizers which he is a virtuoso returns with an extraordinary live dedicated to women registered March 8, 1997 on the occasion of World Day of Women. In less than a year, Yazid was involved in more than 100 mega concerts in the world whose greatest halls as a mythical (the zenith of paris, the Medley in Montreal, the Palais des Expositions Mulhouse, the zenith of Toulouse, dome in Algiers, the Hall Harcha in Algiers on July 5 Stadium in Algiers, the stage of Sidi Bel Abbes, the outdoor theater of Sidi Fredj, the outdoor theater of Oran, the outdoor theater of Algiers etc..). After making extraordinary figures as to sales of its products in Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia and France, Belgium and Holland etc..) Yazid is considered the leader of the new wave of young singers. These figures suggest that in terms of globalization of Yazid the machine is running. During his tour in North America, his visit had a very positive response. After giving a series of concerts abroad and in Algeria, Yazid returns with a new album where the recording was made at the highest level by moving an entire recording studio in a theater in Algiers. In addition to his esteem and respect for women Yazid decided this time to dedicate his album, which will come into the world June 1, 1998 coinciding with World Day for Children, abandoned children. The worldwide release will be crowned by a national tour with earnings, will go to children abandoned. These initiatives give us to think and imagine the great sensitivity of the artist to just causes. From his recital at the hall Harcha in Algiers on the occasion of International Women's Day March 8, 2000, against 16,000 women came to applaud this day and every 8 March following. Yazid has taken a considerable place in the female audience. Yazid in 2005 celebrated its 10-year career by releasing its tenth album "bye bye".
With a global tour of Algeria and had led to cities for the first time as Geneva, Toronto in addition to France, Belgium and Holland where he had grown used to occur there.

Since his return trips to North America, specifically Canada. Yazid had the opportunity to perform two songs from his album "Bye Bye" video clip with people from the Canadian media.

1 - "Hya Hya" conducted in February 2004 in the middle of winter in Montreal.

2 - "Nebghik" made in July 2005 in summer to Niagara Falls to Toronto.

This experiment gave a new breath. And since it continues to perform feats wherever he goes. After that each year will see the birth of a new album: "Aditha" in 2006, and "Min Nebda M'nine" in 2007. The event Alger Capital of Arab Culture was an important step in his life where he has undertaken in this framework, a national tour in May 2007 that took him to cities where it had never happened. His commitment to children has been crowned with a mega concert for them at the esplanade of Riad el Feth 1 June 2007.
Participation in the festival rai Yazid as a singer and as artistic consultant he has been a great contribution in his career. The year 2008 was a specific part of the two mega charity concert for the World Day of Women. One March 6 at Oran and the other on March 8 at Riad el Feth in Algiers, which brought together over 20,000 women.

During the festival has hosted the Pan-African Algiers in 2009, Yazid to participate in three mega concert at Bab El Oued, casif and the port of Tipaza. At the same time period she was born her 14th album (Alache n'satni)

The qualification of the Algerian national team Soccer Ball (Soccer) after 24 years, did not leave indifferent Yazid, which led him to interpret the songs (Go Green and farewell defeat)

On December 31, 2009 a big concert in Montreal and another post Christmas Eve in Washington DC January 2, 2010.

On March 8, 2010, as usual, the tribute to the woman in the room Harcha took place in a festive atmosphere. But the novelty was the shot in honor of National Women of Algeria through the following cities: Ain Defla March 7, Tebessa March 11, March 13 Batna, Mila March 16, Neaama March 18 and the Ain Temouchent March 20.

The concert Guesnain in the) north of France April 10, 2010 was full of atmosphere and reconnecting with the public in the north.

The participation of Yazid the mega event has hosted the outdoor theater of batna July 4, 2010 was an opportunity to reconnect with the wider public of Others, which earned him a return for another concert so great August 31, 2010 .

On July 28, 2010 was marked by participation, for the first time, Yazid Festival International Jmil (Setif, Algeria).

During the holy month of Ramadan he has performed in recital in many cities of Algeria for the first time, as Msila August 19, El Khemis August 20, Meliana August 21, Tablat August 22, Zoubiria (Medea) the August 24, Mejbar (Medea) August 26, El Attaf September 1, at Bir el Ater (Tebessa) Chlef September 4 and September 6, 2010.

As Yazid say so "I will go there where my public."